why we are tested

the last two days have been a tormenting array of events.
if only insight was available to grasp the external question of why.
I am a scientific and while I commend those with blind faith..I have a constant need for facts.
spending the last 8 year’s hospitalized I’ve fought hard to regain my life.
two days ago happiness (of my own work) had my heart and mind exploding.
in less than 12 hours I became violently ill..preceded to the hospital and was given a medication I was allergic to…on returning home I became delerious and preferred to hallutionate…I lost my way home ..fell asleep on the street and was arrested.
the officers arrested me..convinced I was on drugs…(I never touch them) .
I can’t comprehend why…and am looking faith.
may I ask you all for some words of entouragement to regain hope and optimistim?
hopefully I can return the favor.
there is nothing as valuable as your thoughts.
if you have a few minutes please share with me.
with love and respect….

with all the sham drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
go in peace…strive to be happy.

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