The Weight of Our Decisions

a well written post that just may change the course of your life

Aaron Conrad

toy-hand-grenade-1__72164.1302741752.800.800I promised a follow up story from my ride along, so here it is. Actually this story goes right along with several other large stories that I’ve been witness to the last few months. It deals with the weight of our decisions and we all make decisions. From the small to the large, each one of us make hundreds of decisions.

And every one of them matter.

Monday night I went on a ride along with a police officer friend of mine. One of our calls was to interrogate and arrest an employee that had been stealing. This wasn’t a situation where the individual had grabbed a pack of gum and put it in his pocket. This was the tipping point of months of theft and poor decisions. As my friend read him his rights (they really do that by the way) and discussed his options, I stood witness to…

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