an excuse is an admittance of guilt

in our lives
many circumstances were forced upon us
should this be the path to accept our lemons and make lemonade?
at some point” but”, “i didn’t mean to”, or'” this this and that poor me”
becomes not only irrational but illogical.
it becomes a lie.
and a” white lie”  is no more than a cowards lie.
the only true object we own is the body we inhabit and the original thought we’ve been blessed with.
an excuse is an insult to your self.
be brave own up right or wrong ..these actions these words are yours.
and how amazing is it that if we are wrong…we can own it, learn from it, and become better beings.
or if you need an excuse not to try than you will stagnate. ..and I’m truly sorry you would blind yourself to the possibilities.

with all the sham drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
go in peace…strive to be happy.

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