This is a true story.
I keep running this through my mind and am repeatedly blown away and confused.

Last week i became extremely ill …I called my mom..she called an ambulance.
I remember being at the hospital …being told i was being admitted …morphine…phenergan..(i hate this word but I was exorcist vomiting)…then skip to…
I have no memory of what was the next few hours…at some point I left the hospital…
This is where I start remembering hallucinating…I was convinced I had lost my dog …I was wondering down a street…I thought I was near home but was not….In and out …wake up in the grass…I begin to pick up what I think is a dog treat from the street…this is when I am surrounded by the cops and an ambulance and I snap out of the hallucinating….the dog treat was one of those round street reflectors…I knew I was lost and I was terrified…the police kept asking questions …president…year…whatever…all I could answer. I told them I remember being in the hospital.
Luckily they believe I’m not twacked out on meth and take me back to the hospital.
My mom had been panicking trying to find me…luckily someone saw me passed out in the grass called the police.
The hospital basically overdosed me and for some reason let me leave.
This is not something you tell your co–workers….I haven’t even told my friends.
Thank you healthcare system.
You are a failure.

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