if medicine is like music…you would be in a cover band

my doctor says i’m a model patient.

take medication, don’t whine, listen, follow advice.

i only do this because he saved my life when i was fourteen and everyday i’ve lived since then has been bargained for by him.

this man i would never slap in the face…and honestly most of the time i dont want to take the medicine..it makes me sick, has horrible side effects, and i realize there is no recovery only stolen time. i’m pretty sure he knows i feel this way, but the only way i can show gratitude is by doing good in this world, in turn staying alive.

he is about to retire and the replacement is less than..

well just less than…

he talks about me in the third person, feels the need to over explain medical terms …and the best is his over all sense of arrogance.

i will never find another doctor like him …and once he’s happy, living on his ranch, feeding goats and riding horses.

the thought of how i make this replacements life difficult is more than entertaining.

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