brave against sorrow

I have been in a hole
for a long time
along the waves
moving seas in a chase
a still shadow.
a reflection of us all
a punch the face
you can hear how
all the guns go off
and in that moment
id tell you everything i want
id tell you all

whats with the world and all
the visibly clear isn’t adding up

maybe tonight
they’re setting up some war
shotguns for anyone

it grew up that fast
taking the hole by the grasp
the strongest hold

fire warming my arms
shadows perform puppet shows
they project along the wall

if we accept that scene
as all we know
gold is cloudy and dull
to never know
what exists
outside of the hole

i turn and dodge
face forward
to tell you all

you showed them all
so clear
you bury the light
as we set it up
some war with everyone

if i cared would they know
sucked in
let the waiting start
carry the light
the shocks are in the endings along the wall

stuck beneath the floor
see legs run by
we accept its a seated row
necks chained
moving slow
couldn’t see

if you failed
would we know

did you have it all
wait for the moment

somebody told me i’m over thinking it all
did i hide it all
way before
coming close
vaguely recall
if i have it all

passing by
hearing steps
know that they’re coming
did they always go flailing around
scenery changed
favorite sounds
we were always told
were way better off
somebody should’ve told you you’re over-thinking it all

you have it all
lazy town
cutting it close
racing around

if its always old
tap your toes
pretty soon you will be where you want

you always go
leaning down
scenery shakes
bright with clouds

were always told we’re way better off
brave against sorrow
you can be bold…


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