memories for sale

 the corner of my eye

a puzzle box

tossed among dusty knick knacks keeping secrets 

pictures in frames that time forgot

i dont like old things

 he insisted we look around

impatiently waiting to leave 

deja vu keeps calling

staring …confused …familiar 

my hands find their way

 like many times before 

quickly  push twist pop unlock 

my waking life …not how i see the man next to me….how the mind sees things

i see myself …a seizure  ..a crash cart…a three month coma..

its been years …decades…these memories could be a novel i read

 pain strikes me …wishing to talk…then living in another realm..

three months stolen ..running parallel 

where did i go?

old man where did this box come from?

a girl about 17 gave it to me

19 years ago..

.saying it did not belong to her but one day it would.

memories  in a coma

the physics of time

trapped in a puzzle

covered in dust

waiting to show me where i was for all those months.

how much…i ask…

nothing darling, it’s yours …dont you remember?

3 responses to “memories for sale

    • thank you....
      only recently did i begin blogging..ive been clinging to the pen and, while the coma story is indeed is yet to be on the blog.
      im actually currently working on it....funny how an event you remember so little about shapes your life so much.
      ill tell you...what happened during my three months of "sleep" shaped my spiritual beliefs:)
      i want to thank you for showing often more easily inspired by others than myself :)

      • I know what you mean – I read a comment someone made about my blog and was quite stunned. Sounded so lovely!

        I’ll be waiting for your coma story and I’m sure it did lead to some spiritual understanding. (have you seen a youtube interview of Anita Moorjani?)

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