my best stranger

you trust me; Currently, Many people will die alone, some will be fine with it, others won’t be; the idea makes you sad. But there’s always the possibility to live your days, with too much concern about the future, doing that makes it harder to manifest what you want in love, there’s too much pressure to live up to the end result .the “one day at a time” approach the smaller struggles, are essentially quite huge . what helped was having the end goal insight, smaller ones they were literally steps ladders.Oh…brilliant…chutes and ladders? like the childs game? you amaze me…make life so easy…. flatter me… any time as much as you want or need
That was knew what to say …a rarity, it helped
you.. I like knowing you in this strangely close not intimate way
this is what is meant by honest ( to a fault?) within years of devastation.. lying directly or by omission, an unnecessary betrayal. be honest.. you wrote some things to me that hurt..hurt even more.. you dont know the whole story . so sweet,optimistic.. god wanted them to be true. I love what you said….I wish I could live it.. it broke me down…why.. i havent been honest.. 3 months to live..have been blessed with more time than most… everything is painful and i can feel it destroying me hour by hour by minute by second. one day at a time. I dont want to go out this way….i want to skydive zipline snowboard go for the gold…’ if i wasnt dying thats what i’d do. not want to fade away alone and unloved into dust..thats done truth be told so set me free or some shit…one thing…always tell the truth. i love you;for being my best stranger.some;will be fine with it,some wont…youre born alone , you live alone , you die alone…im all mark twainy today. You sound like it makes you sad.
let me tell you a bedtime story…

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