voices from beyond, insults and other things i borrowed from TED (i promised to give em back)


this was fascinating at least to me because i am a bit afraid of Virginia Woolfe

and speaking of wolves my friend is also afraid of her



below reading on take a listen it will make a bit more sense,its short

*in younger days i couldnt keep from dating musicians and no one can bring the crazy out like a man who can make music and poetry…i agree all women all crazy….but i tell you i have spent the last decade learning to pre-cog the crazy and minority report its ass…so if anyones crazy now days ..its you my friend.i love you andy! also since t2 is on his way and my name is laura connor ..im letting the crazy run free…because crazy can be fun ..andright now i desrve it.


http://www.threeringrecords.com/bandshttp://www.threeringrecords.com/bands/This%20is%20 here%20the%20Story%20Ends.mp3

apologies for the impersonal non poetic pretty boring posts today…its a hard fucking day im sad nostalgic and just want people to know after im gone that i thought so much of them…thats what these posts are about…between this blog and my other projects…im turning the death ceremony upside down! lol…you guys dont even know..everyone whos touched me is in for a surprise.

because simply

i love you deeply

even years apart

favorite strangers

havent talked to in years beacause i love you so much it was killing us both.

random kindness

there are so many dimensions to the bonds we have from dna to silent communication…open your eyes look for more …when you see them remember you are a time thief…so make the moments count.

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