An interesting approach to Alzheimer’s treatment

ive been reading up on this sort of thing lots lately….its amazing …growing hockey players new teeth with their own dentin cell…and this is actually happening often! if you havent seen it i reccomed an episode of NOVA SCIENCE NOW with Neil deGrasse Tyson…its on hulu i cant remember epi.’s name but i will find it…they build a human lung that starts breathing on its own after 8 days from the patients own cells….they transplant it chance for rejection b/c its the patients own cells…so cool. the thing that upsets me …is why im dying…no one gives a cell about research.i can even see how much it pisses my ID dr off. there are things i.e. blood transfusions… IVimmunoglobulin…and others that would make me totally healthy…no one can get grants to research this therefore fda says illegal…but letting me die painfully…perfectly legal. the problem is IVig is only legal for certain diseases …theres no doubt it would work…but hey fuck me right? the transfusions….the problem here they would have to remove old blood (bleeding) then transfuse. now the really TRULY OUTRAGEOUS part…the due this all the time for people in certain situation that have to go on ” blood bypass”…cardiac patient waiting for transplant…dialysis. but you know … fuck me

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I found this at the bottom of page 40 of the June 2013 popular Science. It’s an interesting approach to using a patient’s own cells to treat a condition – but they’re not stem cells! Weird, but maybe someday the “Pei pee” treatment will be a standard thing for Alzheimer’s.

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