the frog princess

i wasn’t sure that yould come

but im glad to see you are here

its a lovely night for a walk

the moon is lovelier still

oh isnt the moon very full

as lovely as your freckled eyes

 while we’re figuring the moon

i hear it turns men into wolves

i must be boring you love,

though, your’re kind to say i am not

and kinder still to condescend 

as cleaverly as any man

so i swallow my toungue with my spit

as i bend low to render a kiss

but im too afraid to admit

im a frog dear

and you are the prince

24 responses to “the frog princess

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  2. I’m most thankful about the time you spent reading me, I truly can relate to the above poem. Were as I am a toad!

  3. Thanks for sharing this with me! I got the impression of young lovers who are trying their best to impress each other with their greatness while terrified of revealing their true, flawed selves. In other words…sounds like most of us! Love it!

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