outlined in the mirror

I’m ignorant. .
.or I’m smart..
drunk on science..
half happy just to know..
what I am or am not..

loathe this troubled mind
hovering in my skull

unsung melody
circles in my brain
the tip of the written word

afraid of nothing
but life and death
the flux of time

of forgiveness systems
rays of translated poetry
for a blue broken heart

what is good inside me
scratched to silence
seething songs

the best laughs
never leave your lungs
the best life
art never made
the best friends
strangers bound by words

the best hours
I’ve enjoyed with you not
by my side
the best moments
seamlessly sewing strangers together
half happy  ..an…ending..
fall backwards
count to ten


4 responses to “outlined in the mirror

  1. even in our sleep
    pain which we cannot forget
    falls drop by drop upon the heart
    until in our own despair
    against our own will comes wisdom
    through the awful grace of god


    one of my favorites
    great poem you wrote

    wishing you calm seas and fair winds


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