Dear you, time travel-better times,just in case and tribute to trifextra frog,

This post is pretty random, I may be gone for a bit , just wanted to throw something up here just in case.
Honestly I don’t know what to put here, there’s too much, however I find myself at a loss so we will see what happens…and if you didn’t know i rarely edit…so apologies to the grammar and spelling police. I salute you.

Stronger days:
about ten years ago first jiu-jitsu seminar with royce gracie, i had been teaching for about a year at a half at the time and this was the fist time i had ever been star struck.

This is one of if not my oldest and dearest friends Butch…playing in his band 30 foot fall..hes the goofy one singing….theyve been together for over 20 years…butch saved my live ..seriously …when i went into a coma many years ago…hes now a doctor and lives in N.C. but flys to Houston every christmas to play @fitzgeralds where i book bands part time for an annual christmas show. i love him..miss him like crazy.


That’s me climbing a wall, climbing and jumping anything i could..trying to be strong because i know i’m sick. I helped start a program in houston called urban movement that teaches parkour..this was from a practice session 1 or 2 years back

Bluedog ..the love of my live..hes a 95-100lb rhodesian ridgeback i resueced from NOLA during katrina. i never thought i could trust and love another living thing so much.

…and of course, my inspiration for this weeks trifextra, kermit the frog singing ‘the rainbow connection’ thanks for the inspiration kermie.this was the first 45 i ever owned.

and this is scarecrow who i’d miss most of all.

6 responses to “Dear you, time travel-better times,just in case and tribute to trifextra frog,

  1. That’s interesting, The Rainbow Connection is one of my all-time favorite songs. Every time I watch the Muppet Movie, which is a couple times a year, that song always gets me, you know. I learned to play it on guitar years and years ago.

    Here’s hoping we hear from you again real soon.

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