The Endless

sola Photo Credit: Nasa -The sun

Trifecta #81

Trifecta Guidelines and Rules

LIGHT (noun)

3 a source of light: as a : a celestial body b : candle c : an electric light:


He slipped once before.
Years ago, eighteen years in fact.
In a show of natures power and a thunderous clap.
Electricity sent a jolt through time, bone and mind. There he lay for three months comatose.
People (family mostly) talked to him. As was suggested, they talked and played music.
All the while wondering where he was.
A simple question of where would he go.

His body lay there with soul elsewhere traveling electric.

A scientific person. An easy acceptance. An answer.
Indeed, we are no more than electrical impulses.

Electricity subsides as he accepts this familiar life.
So slightly different to be unnoticed. Better.Happy.Peaceful.

All the struggles faced in the world of the mundane were gone.
This life was simple and his triumphs found true.
He was home.
The mind connects in parallels. His memories mixed.

Often hearing tears. Occasionally, visions of people once known holding candles. Light flickering as they called his name.

“I don’t want to go back..I’m not of your world, unhappy, lonely, stagnate, rotting in the flourescent lights and forced routine.”

As he lay with his beautiful family a thought struck.
A gift. A glimpse. A possibility disguised as uncertainty.

Quiet tears. A kiss, a peaceful sleep.

Voices calling..pulling ..blinding unnatural light hovers above ..pulling with their calls.
Seconds, moments, a speed unfathomable to grasp, far past the sound barrier, breaking light speed.

Lightning strike..looking down.. (her eyes).. a lifetime of unearthly glows..a black hole.. decision made..choices cease.

Offered the chance to erase every mistake.
Fulfill every wish.
He has chosen the love of his life.
He awakes. Eyes blurry.
Aquaphor to keep eyes closed and moist.
Sounds unfamiliar. Sounds so loud. Tubes, masks the smell of popped corn.

“What is the date?”
The angel bends over him singing quietly “June sixth twenty-thirteen”

“I’m so thirsty”.

THE END (is endless)

-based on a true story the genders have been changed..just because.

32 responses to “The Endless

    • Thank you for reading. I was in a three month coma years back and a shorter one recently. it’s a combination of my experiences from the two ..the mind is a strange creature. only difference is the gender change.

  1. Very nice. With everything I’ve been learning and reading and things I’ve experienced and believe, this struck home. I nearly cried. (I read fast, so the tears didn’t have a chance to fall!) We all have to face this one day, one way or another.

    • thank you for reading…this was a personal variation on an event in my life.
      take comfort …there is much happiness to be found not only in this world but in the realms we may travel to someday:)

    • Thank you. This was a mix of my two coma experiences…and that question is exactly on point…where did I go. I believe I know..complicated story:)
      The second time I wasn’t planning on coming back….but sometimes the universe makes our decisions.

  2. Yeah, you’re right. Mine may be mental illness but the darkness and feeling of lost hopelessness is a direct match.


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