Facebook Now Allows Mastectomy Photos

This is why people should read Edward Hotspurs blog…..silliness, beauty and the guts to question reality…and some lovely poetry also.:)

Edward Hotspur

Facebook recently banned a photo, and later a photographer. The photographer, David Jay, had taken pictures of women who had had mastectomies of varying intensity and severity, to show that breast cancer is not a fluffy pink ribbon, but has real lasting and devastating effects.  Facebook banned him, citing their policy on nudity and inappropriate photos. After a great deal of negative backlash, they decided to allow mastectomy photos again.

Facebook allows breastfeeding photos, although the baby has to be actively feeding.  Petitioners felt that these mastectomy photos were not about something lurid and sexual, but a life-changing traumatic experience. Eventually, Facebook agreed. Here’s the famous lightning-rod photo:

I’m glad they allow this, because groups of breast cancer survivors can see that they are not alone.

Now, the question: Do you think pictures of testicular cancer survivors should be allowed? I’m not belittling or making a joke about this…

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