Naming the stranger. a thought on my father .a thought of his imprint

David Hagar: my Father

(I knew very little of him other than he named his daughter, he married a lady who had the same name as his deceased sister, he loved his daughter, brilliant mathematically, musically and artistically, thirty portraits of his daughter live in my house drawn from memory from before she was six years of age. Perfect visual recall,  became an addict while in the military, a swordsman, an airborne ranger,read more books in his life than any ten people combined, mental illness worsened by drug use,epileptic, died trying to cold turkey off of all substances because his daughter asked him why he needed that stuff) I loved him. This is the strange origin of the name given to a daughter by her father.

Deirdre Kristin Hagar:


Deirdre of the sorrows. The Irish goddess of sorrow. A beautifully sad tale.



She died of a broken heart.


Kristen: the anointed one or the one anointed by christ

(dad and I are both atheistic in nature …wonder with what I am anointed?)


  Hagar: concubine of Abraham and son Ishmael banished and rescued by angel

-once again a biblical reference?

Hagar and the Angel:The story in paintings analyzed


This post came about reading stories of fathers and children love and life…it’s the only way I could express love towards the father ..because as like him, forever curiosity pulls me to piece the puzzle and question why.

Why am I a sorrowful anointed goddess who was once a concubine, martyred and saved by an angel, and an atheist? 🙂

Never will we know the other but always will thy love.

You are my face.

– your only daughter.

2 responses to “Naming the stranger. a thought on my father .a thought of his imprint

  1. My daughter’s name is Irish – Delaney – it means “child of dark defiance”. I have always felt that Irish names were the best; my first son will be named Eoin.

    It sounds like your father was a brilliant man who, like many, was taken far too soon.

    Happy belated Father’s Day to him. 🙂

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