Roots of contentment: taking on a needed project

English: Therapeutic horse riding on the Medic...


Growing up with a stigma you realize peace may be found in those who do not judge. In this instance horses. They were a daily part of my life for twenty years.

The further away I ventured the more chaotic my soul.

A day or two ago thanks to google I stumbled upon a great place to go for a ride.

Reading further, I discovered this place practiced something I’ve always wanted to be apart of, the healing properties of equine assisted therapy are obvious if you’ve ever watched someone in need take part.

Shot an email to see if I could come by for a ride and the response received was exciting and surprising..almost a quiz on my knowledge, experience and philosophy of horses. This ended with “come spend the afternoon at the ranch and let’s talk”

As with many opportunities in my life the sneak up from the shadows.

Yesterday, riding bareback for hours grooming talking and getting acquainted was one of the best days I’ve had since becoming seriously ill.

Not only will there be unlimited riding time but I in turn will be helping those who know where i’ve been. This is a glorious thought.

There are two separate groups for jandk’s equine therapy:

abused and neglected children

veterans returning home with physical and/or mental scars.

of course these groups will be kept separate due to the nature of different traumas.

For the first time in a while it is not weakness that’ s crushing me …it’s the human bond and the need to heal that’s freeing,

beautiful bay


7 responses to “Roots of contentment: taking on a needed project

  1. Truth, this. There is something cathartic about being with horses. It’s not just tge ride- it’s the daily care; the ins and outs of relationship. ♥

    • Absolutely, as I child most of friends were animals, my best friend a horse named rabbit. watching these children and PTSD veterans who’ve suffered so much gain a sense of trust from contact with 1000lb gentle giants is truly beautiful.

      If I had been meant to live a longer life there is no doubt i would have many horses and a vast amount of nature at my doorstep.

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