December 20, 1973 (100 word song)

100 word song

Everyone’s telling me

it’s gonna be okay

Feel their hands touch my forehead,

Poking needles, pushing tubes.

Speaking language

I don’t understand

Weakness surrounds me.

A need to see a family

confusion of what

a family is,

remember feeling such sorrow, leaking sympathy, pure compassion

watching someone slip away.

Words of comfort from all these strangers

telling me to stay with them

they love me without knowing

struck, a thought,

my life lays in their hands.

In this moment, understanding, loving one you’ve never known

please stay with us, you’ll be okay now

I think its going to rain today.

15 responses to “December 20, 1973 (100 word song)

      • (nods softly) that would be a tribute worth sharing. I hope you will continue to participate; this challenge can be a lot of fun.

      • The 100 Word Song group is a pretty nice group, as you will probably see while you are reading what they write, and getting to know everyone a little bit better. Lance is a sweetheart and his wife Deannabo is very nice too. You are in good company for stepping out of the shadows and into the light. 🙂

  1. I thought id briefly explain my take on the prompt:
    BD d.o.d: 12/20/73
    Died in the recovery room after surgery from sepsis.
    He had a lot of family confussion …its quite interesting if yould like to look it up.
    He also was on JFK’s campaign and was there on the day of the assasination.
    I was so moved by this melody ..why i participated for the first time.

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