“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”-or-“GATTACA: the distant future”

Daily prompt:The time of my life


Always, I’ve felt a displacement in time. Was I to late?…Am I too early? …and who decides? It’s said that where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be…which in fact goes along with part of the displacement I feel -the bit about being to early-this leads me to believe that I am indeed where the Universe intends.

If there is one thing I do believe in, it is the Universe.

BUT IF there are alternate planes there are two where, without a doubt, I’d click right in….

Old blue eyes, big band, gangsters, flapper girls……the music from that era has lured me since I was very young, it felt like me, at twelve I was swing dancing with men my mom’s age …and I out danced them. It fueled me to play the piano …seems like I’ve been there before.



CERN, Atoms, Neutrinos, Higgs, biometrics, quantum mechanics….physics came natural to me …why? No one in my family was ever mathematically inclined..I was obsessed with prime numbers at 7, by 9 a protest was staged if there wasn’t a trip to the observatory ( have you seen the rings of Saturn, Have you?, If you have the word awe needs no defining). Obsessed with realistic science fiction, some of which is now science fact….When I was in a coma (think I’m nuts…go ahead) I saw things…that I long to see again ..to name …and know their purpose…Did I help engineer these unnamed amazement?

Oh man….I wish …click my heels 3, no, 300^10 times…let me know if I was dreaming.

Saturn Rings

Saturn Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For now


Past and Future


From the Universe

Who knows where I belong.

Maybe one day….

9 responses to ““As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”-or-“GATTACA: the distant future”

  1. Interesting notion, that you’re displaced somewhere between two more appropriate extremes in time. I myself have always been torn between being an engineer of the future and a primal hunter/warrior of the past. Is it possible to coincide these two identities, to commingle the sensual primal with the intellectual imagineer?

    • I think it’s happening. What things in your life now do you take from each…probably more than you initially think on the surface. At the very least in my hobbies I’m drawn to related activities from each’ time situation’. I don’t know…I have some strange beliefs…it is interesting to wonder why were drawn to particular interests/ eras.

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