Things I Learned — Maya’s 2nd Birthday Weekend

Beautiful words from a beautiful friend.

Be Beautiful and Dance.

1. Out There

We went to the New Jersey State Fair last Friday and the whole time I was there, I could not help but think of this story:

There was a king of many vast lands who came upon the last years of his life without a living heir. His advisers pressed him to appoint a high born nobleman, a magistrate, or a distant family member before it was too late. But the king figured it would be better for the crown to be earned instead of given. So he planned a carnival, nay a fair, the greatest fair the world had ever seen. It would have hundreds of unlimited rides, thousands of attractions, soothsayers, games, and food from every corner of the Earth. Anything any man could ever want would be found in some nook or cranny of this fair. Everyone was free to attend — man, woman…

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