Is social media a social contagion?

Studies have shown how valuable human contact is to so many aspects of our minds and bodies….Are we killing ourselves?

Rob's Surf Report

I remember a time before Facebook.

I mean, I’m sure that most of us do, but think about how it really was: back in 1993, things were so different, weren’t they? I was first a sophomore and then a junior in high school. My favorite pastimes were reading, writing, drawing, and trying to stay awake in class. The most fandangled thing I used was a mechanical pencil. The most sophisticated device I had was a pocket translator that looked pretty much like a calculator. I had stacks and stacks and shelves of books, and most of them I had actually read. There were times when I was reading a book a day, no lie. But then there was this thing that came along.

My friend Didi told me this recently:

Here’s a crazy story..
I go into a coma the time i wake up prodigy and aol…true story.

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