Staring into the sun: 100 Word Song :People Have The Power

Lance and 100 word song challenge

I was struck by a quote(” All my desires abolished by the plenitude of their satisfaction”-Roland Barthes) and a friend, and Jason Silva on Love Loss

which inspired the following:

Staring into the sun

My eyes opened in your presence,

For we are both lion and lamb

One condemned to leave this earth

One to stay,

All I can do now

All that’s left of the earthly me

Is show you the way.

My mistaken paths

Things  found good and pure

In life and death

these, I leave for you.

Climb where I have fallen

live where I have died

turn your eyes from sadness

turn sadness into what is  divine.

All I’ve left my friend,

the power I have given to you,

My life, my death, leaves you in


18 responses to “Staring into the sun: 100 Word Song :People Have The Power

  1. Love the poem but the guy is too much of a sap for me. Love is sacrifice nothing else. And it seems he was the type of guy who shakes a girls hand and is in love with her. People like that pass love around like joints. When people can fall in love with anyone I feel they don’t know the meaning. Hopeless saps that aren’t really romantics they have a fear of being alone and cover it with false romance. Either that or he is coming out of the closet soon. Crys when he looks at pictures? What a tool.

    • In my travels I would say 65% have that fear, the rest are abandon, doubt, poverty, commitment,spiders or being forgotten.

      God Damn spiders scare the fuck out of me…Eight legged freaks

  2. I agree with Linda/modmomelleroy….that line is excellent.

    I love this 100. welcome to the meme. proud to have you.

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