Those Three Words : Improved :Trifextra #76

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Become a Trifectan : Trifextra #76



I truly adore this weeks three word challenge. The following via Trifecta explains why (Side NoteIf you’ve not noticed, Neil Gaiman is in my header. One of my two favorite authors since age 14 and have recently finished reading ” The Ocean At The End Of The Lane”. Spooky, wonderfully crafted and what one may need for a bit of science and awe.)

“One of our editors was recently lucky enough to slowly roast on a bouncy, mechanical floor this close to nearly 900 other Portlanders for a reading (of the third chapter of his new book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane) and subsequent Q&A by Neil Gaiman.  One of the questions asked of him was, “Can you tell us your writing process in three words?”  He replied, “Glare.  Drink tea.”

This weekend, we’re asking for you to sum up your own process with just three little words.  Give us dry wit, pathos or otherwise.  And remember, we like your blood on the page.  Put it there.

(Thank you Trifecta for this choice. Thank you Mr. Gaiman for raising me in awe.)

Three  Words :


Awe. Inspired. Obituary.

51 responses to “Those Three Words : Improved :Trifextra #76

  1. The idea of living (or writing) with your obituary in mind is humbling. Makes me wonder what would be said of me if my obituary was written today. This was a stunning three words.

  2. Great blog title–isn’t it wonderful to have a group to read and respond to your writing? Trifecta and dVerse have been great outlets for me and it’s fun to read such a melange of voices. You’ll be in my prayers as you fight your battle–

  3. Normally, when I comment on someone’s personal journey, as reflected in their writing, it doesn’t end up being about the journey you find yourself on. Thank you for sharing your words and, by extension, your story. Good luck in the days ahead. I wish you time filled with beauty and richness.

  4. What is awe inspiring are your words and your story. And the obituary reminds us, as we are often told, live this day as if it’s your last. And so should we write. As someone else said, I love the name of your blog – that we should all have an honest day or two. Thanks for showing us the way..

  5. Thank you for your deeply personal and honest post. I pray that your last months are full of life and love. Once again, thank you for sharing.

  6. Okay, that definitely sounds cooler than all the first few words that came to my mind! 😀 Nicely done to both you and Mr. G!
    Still haven’t read the new book but will very, very soon.

  7. Your powerful words are most definitely a gift for all of us blessed to read them. I personally am inspired by you. I wish you much love and peace along your journey:)

    • Thank you, we all inspire each other…i’ve found so much freedom here…as opposed to my tactile world..i find love instead of fear….it is humbling and i am grateful.
      my wishes, the same to you

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