PROGRESS: Progredi ,Moving Clocks or Time Dilation (Flash In The Pan)


Native Americans flee from the allegorical rep...


the forward nature of time (painting : JohnGast 1872)




Twins. Moving through the different paths of chosen lives.

One, seeing the betterment of humanity.

The other, watching the destructive rise and fall of humanity.

Each  wore a watch on their left wrist. Each checking their wrists every three or five minutes.

A Italian coffee shop , one sat, drinking espresso, glancing between the beauty of a family’s laughter and times rhythmic tick- tock.

The other, glanced sideways. Two people, voices on the brink of boiling , and times escalating tick- tock .

Twins. One making peaceful progress in life.

The Other, overwhelmed by humanities progress towards self-destruction.




One response to “PROGRESS: Progredi ,Moving Clocks or Time Dilation (Flash In The Pan)

  1. Very nice. I like the contrast between each twin’s brand of progress – one in harmony with life, the other in conflict. In an interesting sort of role-reversal, however, I can see how the other is headed toward breakdown over concern for humanity’s plight while the one remains blissfully, if not somewhat selfishly, ignorant. Both are extremes, both highly disadvantaged, each focusing too much on a preferred aspect; it just goes to show how difficult it often is to stay on the narrow path in the middle. I can relate.

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