GUEST AUTHOR: a different writing style: INFOSPONGE0

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle o...

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle on tract of land he later developed into Layton’s Cottage, Trailer, and Fishing Park: Riviera Beach, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

I’d like to introduce you all to Infosponge, who’s guest posting. (In hopes it will inspire a new blogger). Please leave feedback, we all know how nice it is to read what others have to say.Thank you all and special thanks to Infosponge0.




Constant drain on my brain.

Slowly driving me insane.

Use all my strength try to regain.

Fades in and out releases the pain.

Everything goes away.

Everything ends one day.

Even if you try to stay.

Everything goes away.

And it’s a sad thing when you’d rather be sleeping,

Than living your life. Not to worry death is creeping.

So frustrated you begin to sweat.

Leaving your clothing musty and wet.

It’s how you cry without using your eyes.

Push away the lies. I wish i could fly.

Even if I could I’d have nowhere to go.

I try so hard to go against the flow.

But God has his say. He makes you stay.

Gets in the way. Forgets yesterday.

We suffer while he plays.

I see; no future live in the now. I’m oh so alone.

No place feels like home.

I have no one at all.

I have only myself as I fall.

by InfoSponge0 (RV)


Written at age 18. I’m now 32 and everything is exactly the opposite.

Entry #2:

Title:  Who am I?

Who am I?  What am I? And how can i get by.

I need to try need to fly, on my own. No more enhancements no more getting stoned.

Who am I? What am I?    I am control, I am the power.

Nowhere is home. Surrounded by friends and family yet i feel so alone.

In many ways I am. The things i believe they could never understand.

I’ll have to change myself on my own, but i may need a push from caring hands.

If you say you care when you really don’t, that’s ok.

But i don’t want your help so just stay away.

I grow tired of the same old things all the time.

I’m addicted and need to change the blame is mine.

Gonna do it for myself , do it for my health.

Have to do it for my future, do it for my wealth.

But it’s a long hard road from here to there.

Living the way i have been no wonder life seems unfair.

Step out-of-body, take a look in.

Realize now I must do things differently than i have been.

Have to keep in mind that I am control i am the power.

Now is the time to devour.

Devour and cure this disguised infection.

Purify get it together, look in the mirror at another reflection.

Of a new self. evolved, with a clear brain.

A version of myself that has change so much, yet is still so much the same.

Reach a higher level and leave this one below.

I know i can because I’m in charge. This is my show.

I’ll determine how the end will be.

But I may need support so if i ask, help me.


written at age 19, seems to be life’s fluctuating struggle, but its better than before. Much Much better.



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