RIGHT: The Last Beat Of My Heart

RIGHT: The Last Beat of My Heart


Two hundred twenty beats per minute.  

Born  with tachycardic rhythm.

The natural world beats deep inside our chests.

You can’t count that high in a minute.

From inception we’re  given a gift.

A beat  sparks life, guides  our passion, get closer, quicken, back away slowing

Instinct of heart leading  the right path. If only we’d listen.

Broken heart syndrome, the price paid for not marching to our own drum.

A miracle in your chest. Guiding you towards your own path. Allowing  face first falls, only to beat harder. Allowing  feeling. A new rhythm.

 Listen closely friend. All will be better.

English: ECG with notching of the ascending br...

English: ECG with notching of the ascending branch of the QRS complex in leads aVL and aVF and Tachycardia of about 100 beats per minute. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Written for Flash in the pan and TheM3Blog

9 responses to “RIGHT: The Last Beat Of My Heart

  1. I have the opposite condition: bradycardia. I started figuring this out when I would “donate” plasma at the Biolife here, and my heartbeat would range 45-65 bpm. Once they even turned me away because it was below their absolute threshold. I like how inspired this flash feels.

    • Thanks GBD…it’s so strange-we truly are universally related…i’m extremely brachycardic-my hr rarely rises about 42 resting and 75 with intense exercise…hospitals always freak out regarding this-I honestly think it came from teaching seven martial arts/cardio classes a day for 10+years…and possibly a bit of broken heart syndrome.(no longer).
      IN FACT PAY ATTENTION: if you notice your heartbeat is raised in the morning on waking…it’s a sure sign your immune system is fighting an illness…this is how I can pre-cog my sickness:)
      I love you my slow beat brother.

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