Lovely Hotspur

Lyrical Anarchy


Noises buzzing and tapping
Changing the process
Improving it
Making it better
Not like a business
Like a lifetime
Serenity in the result
Waiting forever for perfection
A long journey to the next place
A quick jump outside to water
To earth, to air, to energy
The sky a canopy
It rains underneath
Dressed in black and white
Gold and silver
Cloaked in nature
Life and death and limbo
The intermediate state
Reached with apathetic effort
Kept with disinterest and pause
Maintained with disregard
Cans wrapped in paper
Disguising the contents
Trees wrapped in leaves
Disguising the seasons
Sky wrapped in clouds
Disguising the moonlight
It varies from place to place
Mind to mind
Heart to heart
But it’s there forever
Whatever it is
Waiting for velvet arms

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