Left : Left Handed : (75) Flash-In-The-Pan

Left Retina description en

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


LEFT : Left And Leaving:

Two hundred seventy.
Thrust into life.
Left optic nerve ravaged,
Fading  black.
Growth plate tipping wingspan.
Boy tugging sleeves,
Left lymphs removed.
Spleen ruptured.
Left of heart.
Blood leaving aortic path.
Left  hand dominate.
Control trumps chaos.
Achilles heel.
Eyes dart left.
Watching them leave.
Sleeve stretched. Sunglasses hide blindness.
Ill fitted.
Leaving imperfections for beauty.
Turn left.
Faces fade.
Beautifully stitched off-center.
Imperfection is  perfection.

Written for Flash-In-The-Pan and TheM3Blog

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