The Dream King :Trifextra#82

This week Trifectas editors enlist our help. They work hard for us, let’s return the favor:

“The editors of Trifecta are tired.This weekend, we’re enlisting your help in shortening our considerably lengthy bedtime routines by giving us a children’s bedtime story in exactly 33 words.  It can be an old favorite reimagined or a work that is entirely your own.  We only ask that your story not leave our kids with visions of the boogie man dancing in their heads.  These tired bones thank you in advance.”
Join Trifecta!

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

Little Nemo(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Close your eyes my Angel

Twilight bows Her head

Fairies flit about 

Lying toys in your bed

Morpheus is bowing 

Banning Fears from Dreams

Casting pearls of Wisdom

 No tears will Angels see.

25 responses to “The Dream King :Trifextra#82

  1. I hope my comment showed up. It’s difficult having 2 blogs. I wanted to add, I love the movie ‘O’ Brother, Where Art Thou’ and the song choice. If my comment didn’t post, I had only remarked how ‘fairies flitting around and losing toys in the bed’ remind me of my daughters when they were smaller. Great post.

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