How do I really feel about writing prompts?

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That’s a mixed bag. Some days I feel like the writing prompt is more challenging than others, and most of it has to do with me questioning myself as to whether I have an answer for that prompt. Sometimes when I find myself struggling the most it’s when addressing the most mundane prompts; And then there are days when we have really fun prompts, and I go to town. Whether not anybody else has any fun reading it, is not my problem.

I really should’ve done yesterday’s prompt. I didn’t get a chance, because… well, I just didn’t seem to find the time. And that’s okay, we all have those days; and I did manage to post – I think – twice yesterday. In fact, I might go back and do yesterday’s prompt, but here’s the thing about prompts: I feel completely unoriginal when I do them, because it’s not…

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4 responses to “How do I really feel about writing prompts?

  1. Obviously, since I hot one, 100 word song, I like them. I’m moody, because I’m bi-polar, and writing is so personal to me, that if I don’t like prompts, I just ignore them. But when the mood strikes, that’s all I’ll write for weeks.

    It’s excellent practice and you meet killer people…like you

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