JEN is letting us run wild with the topic this week…if there was ever a week to join in…this is it..go above.

Also check out  JenLance and Linda’s new rockin radio blog project over at  Raised On The Radio!

I’ve decided to entitle this mix creation in honor of my live-long search for family (my father deceased-a brilliant man whom I loved dearly and gave me all the good aspects of himself-he lost his life to addiction-self suffecient  -he sought no help and died detoxing- my “mother” who never returned my love constantly reminded me that my life was unintended-and was always sure to point out “you’re just like your father”..Thank you daddy ..I’m so glad I’m like you-) meeting my fiance Ryan a.k.a.Liquid Poet and my protector Bluedog have been the greatest happenings of this life….they are my family and I’m eternally grateful to them.


This one’s for you-Liquid Poet and Blue:


What brought us together-



What kept us deflecting the demons:


Two of my best friends band-that brought my R.A.M. to seek you out:


One of our heroes that reminds us to always push through:



and last but not least the band that was amazingly humble and generous when I booked them covering a song that keeps you and blue close-


“They will see us waving from such great heights…





7 responses to “Creation:TWISTED MIX TAPE TUESDAY 25

  1. I love how you introduce me to new music. I also LOVE this theme and how open you are with your life. i am a closed off wall of sunshine and happiness. Ha! This is perfection. Thank you!

    • Thanks Jen…I’m so thankful for your inspiration….the thing I love about wordpress/blogging is being open with a family of strangers who rarely judge and if they do…then they’re just strangers…this place has saved my life.

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