RaisedOnTheRadio-Being A Creep Can Be Live Changing

Creep (Radiohead song)

Creep (Radiohead song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Written for RaisedOnTheRadio ...Please drop by and see what the creators of The 100 Word Song, Twisted Mix Tape and a Few other Music Love Posts have made…If you love music…and remember the days of hovering fingers above record buttons..or even if you don’t PLEASE check it out…you won’t be sorry.

Special Thanks to LanceJen and Linda for this amazing concept and all the hard work.


Before I knew my ABC’s, I knew Elvis, I knew Eight Tracks and absolutely knew Music was in my soul.

Born in !977, My father (David) made sure I knew the difference between Real Music and The Mainstream. He and my Mom ensured I was exposed to music even taking  baby to concerts the likes of Elvis and Santana. In fact Elvis was my first concert “In Utero” (Nirvana later forever affecting my life).

While “The Rainbow Connection” was the first owned 45, it wasn’t until I was 12 that the Radio began shaping my life.

Every weekend 104 KRBE broadcasted live from club 6400…(at this age I was running free as my mom was rarely home leaving me to explore and discover many things, including music…things you would not necessarily let your 12-year-old daughter experience).

In lieu of heading out to Fitzgerald for a show (later in life my friends would buy Fitz and I would book for them..circle of life), every Saturday I would stay up into the wee hours of the A.M. hovering over “Record” waiting…Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus“, The Violent Femmes, and even songs like “White Lines”. Feeling the excitement when I heard the first bars. Knowing that I captured the music as I had a system for the sometimes tricky record button.

At the age of 14, CD‘s had already started to eat up cassette and vinyl…but my friend Andy and I knew the magic of a cassette and the record button.

In ninth grade, our college radio station (KTRU 91.7 Rice Radio) would play new “underground” music from 10P.M.-2A.M., sleeping through first period was peanuts compared to catching that amazing song.

One morning in September, Andy, his brother Chris and myself hopped into the Corsica and headed to school.

Andy pulled out a cassette.  Popping it in with excitement he said “YOU’VE GOT TO HEAR THIS”.

..and what we heard was a song, a band, that would survive the years and affect people in ways never expected.

The first slow steady beat, sad chords and haunting “When you here the phone..” had me. A song called Creep by an unheard (at the time) band called Radiohead.

Those few minutes, as the song played went straight to my soul…a few months later the video showed up on MTV…however, that day and for weeks after I would listen to “Creep”, rewind repeat. I will never forget how Thom Yorke‘s voice haunted.

These times shaped a life, my life and many more for sure.

KTRU, cassette tape and the record button went on to give me a love of punk, jazz, blues and many other genres I may have never been exposed to…and for that I am Eternally grateful.

…and now for your listening pleasure…some of what was heard on KTRU in 1992..enjoy. Including the first time I ever heard this first song..

4 responses to “RaisedOnTheRadio-Being A Creep Can Be Live Changing

  1. I was born in ’76, my first album……… record I remember owning was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Then came cassette tapes of Madonna and Cyndi Laupher. This is a great list and I adored the record button.

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