The slowing punk:TWISTED MIX TAPE #26

Cover of "Return of the Frog Queen"

Cover of Return of the Frog Queen

Here’s the deal:

“Relaxing slow jams. You wanna chill, you want your friends to chill. Any genre from rock to jazz to hip-hop, but it’s gotta be slow-jams”

Much like my fake stepbrother this “slow Jam” thing makes me want to ultra marathon it….but I’m going to push through in honor of TWISTED MIX TAPE’S SIX MONTH BIRTHDAY…this one’s for you TMT….

Here goes…I actually think this will be good for my speedy self…

This song is perfect…it will affect you.

Iron and Wine at their best with “The Trapeze Swinger”…Liquid Poet…this one’s for you..

update: here’s the acoustic original…google “rainy mood” click the first link and play them simultaneously….

here’s rainy mood…

..And This..also for you love..

Anais Mitchell, Greg Brown, Ani Difranco, Justin Vernon..from their folk opera “HadesTown”….The Wedding Song..This entire album is worth the dough..

Here’s one for my oldest female friend..Niki..from the above mentioned Ani Difranco…Niki and I at 13..

One of my all time favorites Jeremy Enigk (frontman of Sunny day Real Estate)

solo work hit us next…From the Album “Return of the Frog Queen“-“Explain” for you Justice..

Last one for in memory of my brother butch (he’s not dead) and lyrically for you RV….Jawbreaker’s Frontman with Jets To Brazil-Sweet Avenue

Hope you are all relaxing in corpse pose;)


11 responses to “The slowing punk:TWISTED MIX TAPE #26

  1. Almost in corpse pose 🙂 Laying in bed with laptop… Loving this list, all was new to me except Ani, So good. Thank you so much. As much as I love the stuff I am familiar with I love the new stuff more. Awesome. Thank you!

  2. You could have listed Ani DiFranco and stopped there. God do I love her. She makes a cameo appearance of sorts in The Ballad of Helene Troy. I saw her in concert in the mid 1990s, when she was at her fierecest. Brilliant songwriter.

    love the rest of the list

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