“This week’s prompt word is inspired by a less-than-inspiring few weeks in the life of at least one (no more than three) Trifecta editor(s).  If this type of language is not your thing, don’t worry.  There aren’t too many more swear words with third definitions in our dictionary, so we can guarantee Trifecta won’t always be not safe for work.  If it is your thing, well, give us your best.

Albert Memorial

Albert Memorial (Photo credit: Uli Harder)

einsteinmemorialPhoto Credit: Andrew Zimmerman Jones



Nothing in your future is bright.

When you hold a violin, it’s more torture than music.

Nothing but a dull-ass,

dyslexic, non-verbal, disappointment of a boy.

When you speak, it’s of crazy-ass  schizophrenic babble, “Theories”…or

some existential-ass


Hope, Albert,  one takes pity on  your sorry-ass or living under a bridge will be your greatest achievement.


The Fascists and Partisans of German Physics 

Dear Ignorant-ass narrow-minded bullies of my past,

What a delight it must have been for you to discover I was left, not right, handed and when I play the violin it’s angelic,

emotions sealed

released through music,

women swoon.

In regard to my “schizophrenic babble of Theories”


“existential-ass philosophy”

You must have been humbled as you watched the evolution of my brilliant-ass mind.

The only reason I did not speak often was because







In closing,

I’d like to offer thanks for the many times you ALL theoretically spat in my face…

With out you I may have lived under a bridge, maybe the same one I saw your judgemental-ass sleeping under a while back.





….For all the bullied, those who’ve been told they’ll never amount to anything, for all those with personal trials who climb from the ashes to become the phoenix

This one’s for you…

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38 responses to “EX POST FACTO :ASS:TRIFECTA#97

    • You’re the best LB …
      The gentleman-ass, standup-ass brother I always wished I had.
      I’m glad you liked the post …honestly of all the WP’ers you, my fiance Liquid Poet and Rob aka Greatbigdragon opinions matter most to me…in fact..the only ones that matter at all.
      Sending good vibes and love you and your families way ❤

    • lol…yes I have a mouth on me….and I actually have a close german friend who’s only been in the states since February…I was afraid to offend anyone…but everything I wrote was truly said to Einstein at one period or another in his life.
      Amazing how wrong and judging society can be…did you get the dropbox music? if you like it i’ll send you more:)

      • I did, actually just hooked up earlier. Had a backlog of emails, mostly blog post notifications, you know… Lol lots of reading to catch up but I did it! Thank you, I’ll give it a listen and let u know what I think. 🙂

      • sweet…I also sent you the HadesTown album (which was made into a folk opera) by Anais Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Greg Brown and Justin Vernon(Bon Iver)
        I really think you’ll fall in love with it:)

    • Thanks sweetboy, I just imagined how belittled we have been in our own lives and what it must been like for him….in this case nurture is SO important…children deserve encouragement never to belittled.

      • I utterly agree. I never told you all the reasons I dropped out. One main reason was the ridicule and verbal bulling and overall mean-spirited high school environment. So now you know a little more about your Sweetboy my Babygirl, my Honeybaby, my sweetness of the sweetest. We are going to be great parents. You are the only person I would want to mother my seed. You are the only everything for me. Alpha and Omega. We two Alpha making a new Alpha, Mommy,Daddy, our prodigal son, a trinity of the highest order. All of us together with PI love for one another. Alpha & Omega end to end. Creating a circle of endless love and endless warmth. I love you PI + PI x (PI * F * I) F= forever and I = Infinity

      • Yup, Kasson Foxo Virgillo, like the north start. Someone unborn to keep looking for. He will be born. We will be married and life will be awesome, like sleak melted silver or as Rat said “like pure melted gold” but forget gold. Silver or platinum are better. What the heck did Rat know anyway? Nothing. He was drinking mud and thought it tasted like cider. We have better taste and taste buds, obviously. Love you Honeybaby. :*

  1. I love this bad-ass post!!! Love the ending when Albert says he seen the other, judgmental ass sleeping under a bridge! Great response to this week’s challenge. I hadn’t seen it yet, then stumbled onto yours! Glad I did.

  2. Love the flow of this and all your extra asses! Nice work and thanks for linking up!

    By the way, your picture is of the Albert memorial in Hyde Park London which is of Prince Albert, not Einstein.

  3. I do not now what type of -ass I will be judged as but this I know for sure if one has and ideas that truly belong to the future and one puts them in words – he is likely to be called a bloated dumb-ass.

    Enjoyed the post and the comments.

    • Thank you…it’s so true….original thinkers are often scoffed at…lucky for us some skins are thick…..however, who knows what brilliance we missed by those who were knocked down.

  4. I liked this, I wish sometimes that I had the nerve and courage to say the things I should say to certain people who thought me different, wrong or worthy of mean cruel words.

    And I like to sound like a sailor myself. Ahem.

    so glad you wrote this, for you and for us.

      • Amen. I think as writers, we all go through that place where “no one understands us”. I like to think I’ve found a tribe here with people who “finally do” when I write now.

        hope you’re having a good week

      • THANK YOU, I hope you are well also….I tell you This WordPress, Trifecta, Flasher family is truly something special…I honestly believe this site where I found encouragement to write saved and changed my life.
        A perfect family…of strangers…most closer than people known in day to day life …amazing:)

      • Well without being pushy, I’d love you to invite you to WRITE ON EDGE (www.writeonedge.com) and Studio30Plus. http://www.studio30plus.com too.

        Along with Trifecta and Friday Fictioneers I also write and am actually on the staff for both sites and we’d love your words to be part of our prompts and challenges.

        I’m so glad that finding these communities have been so supportive and life saving, I know exactly what you mean.

        Just so glad that our paths have crossed. 🙂

      • I am so honored by the invite and will absolutely pop over and participate…you are such a kind, warm soul:)
        A prime example of the blogging family.
        My fiancee Liquid Poet (www.infosponge000.wordpress.com) is also interested in Studio30Plus and WRITE ON EDGE…if you feel like he would be a good addition..(one of the best additions to my life:)
        Thank you again and as well, I am humbly honored and grateful we crossed paths…I’ll be seeing you around the blogging town:)
        Have a great afternoon Lady.

      • Well of course he’ll welcome!! The more the merrier! Also, I recently started reading him through Trifecta and I would love to add him to the “other writing families”.

        I believe that words can heal so many aches, so change our lives and our characters, and sharing them with other like minded people is essential to growing our communities.

        I’m the one that would HUMBLED if you chose to join the other “tribes” I hold so dear.

        Happy Hump Day sweet lady (yes, I LOVE that CAMEL! LOL)

  5. I could tell by the format you were taking a different path with your piece. Really great! Original in theme, substance and form. Albert certainly did rock his individuality and thank goodness he did. Imagine if he had remained in the shadow of those who thought they knew better?

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