My second time in rehab:

the most beautiful story ever told…

Liquid Poet

Hi Everybody,

This is a non-fiction story. My first posted story. It’s the story of how my fiance seablackwithink and I met. So if you like a good romance, and sweetness read on. I’m positive that our story is film material. Not only film material but material for a great movie experience that isn’t the same old love story.

My second time in rehab:

Ok, lets go way back to the last week of December. 2011. I was on my monthly, 3 days without sleep or food  Adderall binge. My binge was always 3 days during which I would ingest 40 of the 30mg pills. I would play DjHero 1&2 for about 15 hours then listen to music and sketch things that scare me when I look at them sober. Then during the come down I would surf the internet,(yes i said “surf the internet”.), til I finally went to…

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