The State of The HIV Nation:A Very Personal Post

HIV infection

HIV infection (Photo credit: AJC1)

I am writing this post as a public service, a thank you letter, and to let anyone out there who is afraid of HIV , getting tested or getting treatment know…there is a way…you are safe…there are doctors (such as mine) who Truly CARE.

I have been HIV + for over 22 years…I am 36 now…do the math…I grew up in a time where surely I wouldn’t see age 21…and here I am.

In Late April, early May I was told the HAART therapy I had taken for decades was failing…due to severe drug allergies, there were, at the time, no alternative treatments. The outlook was bleak….giving me 3- 6 months of good health and then….

Two weeks ago I went to visit my Infectious disease specialist Dr. Luis E. Castillo….and from the moment I walked in I saw relief on his face…a new drug had been approved…one with virtually no side effects which I would not be allergic to…this meant LIFE…HEALTH…LOVE and yes, MARRIAGE and CHILDREN.

In about one week I will start the new medication…I feel so blessed to LIVE I have tears in my eyes.

My Fiance is not infected…we can have an uninfected child…and I very well might outlive many of the people who read this (not to be harsh)…I do take good nutritional and physical care of myself as does my fiance…WITH OUT HIS LOVE I would not have made it this far.. to see the new medicine..that’s a FACT…and you my WORDPRESS FAMILY…giving so much support…however…what I’m getting at here….IS GET TESTED, FIND A DOCTOR YOu TRUST…IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD MEDICATION OR DON’T HAVE INSURANCE,THERE ARE WAYS (I.E. NEEDY MEDS)..AND LIVE LIFE.

“Be not afraid”

Below, I’m including a video clip of my gynecologist and second infectious disease (HIV) specialist Dr.Hunter Hammill speaking to the state of poverty, HIV,not getting tested  and not getting treatment…in hopes that it will help someone out there….This goes for Hep C as well….the treatments are so much better now than Interferon….(HEP C IS OVERTAKING THE HIV NUMBERS IN HOUSTON).you can make it…

With the love and care of my doctors,(Dr. Luis E. Castillo, Dr. Hunter Hammill,Dr. Richard Noel), my fiance Liquid Poet and my Mom….I have lived and loved to the fullest…so can you. Please, get tested.

-with love and respect…and eternal gratitude…SEABLACKWITHINK…P.S. if you have any questions…email at…my door and ears are always open.

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