angel cimetière Genova

angel cimetière Genova (Photo credit: maloupictures)

This week Jen (brilliant creator of twisted mix tape), was probably a bit stressed over confusion of this weeks TWISTED MIX TAPE topic…so to give her some comic relief My Fiance, Liquid Poet and I chose the title “Anything Goes SPIRITUAL!”…..you rock Jen, thanks for all your hard work.

English: Elliott Smith performing at the Henry...

English: Elliott Smith performing at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, CA on 2-1-2003. Picture taken by user llaurens of the Sweetadeline.net message board community. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first thought upon waking was of a soft-hearted artist who was taken too young. Ten years ago yesterday Elliot Smith took his own life…I had the pleasure of seeing him many times…and had a special affinity for him as he was raised in Texas, where I reside. Listen to any of his songs and no matter what the lyrics you can hear the angelic aspect of his music. We miss you Elliot, here’s to you. (At the end of this mix you can find an awesome edition of “The Jon Brion Show featuring Elliot and Brad Mehldau….amazing).

Here’s Elliot Smith with one of my favorites “Angeles”:

Next (for Andy Mcwilliams) one of my all time favorite artists who has an affinity for old spirituals….and they are haunting and beautiful…here’s Jeff Tweedy of Wilco from the documentary “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” with

“Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” and “The Family Gardener”

Next up, someone who I grew up with, Chris Simpson, whose band “MINERAL” came to be know as one of the original iconic emo bands..not the wah-wah Emo you think of, but intelligent, thoughtful, beautifully lyrical Emo. He still plays music in Austin, Tx and Teaches English at The University of Texas.

Here’s Mineral with “Five, Eight and Ten”

-Check out the Lyrics and you will see how the spiritual aspect comes in as the last stanza give you the vision on eye’s opening, finding freedom-

“The humble and righteous and meek
Are teaching me who’s will to seek
But who really knows how to speak
About these things

Questions of where can he go
When he is feeling so low
And kicking himself just to show
How he still bleeds

And I want to know the difference between
What sparkles and what is gold

I wonder how many eyes
Are fixed like a vulture’s on me
Now I wonder if I can even move or breathe
Without disappointing someone

And I know what they call themselves
But I don’t remember inviting them
To put me on this pedastal
And make me feel so naked

Afraid to look down
Afraid to turn around

I bring it on myself
I know I bring it on myself

And I want to know the difference between
What sparkles and what is gold

I walked along beside the purple mountains beneath the orange sky
Imagined what it all might look like with these planks out of my eyes
I wondered if the big white horse was coming down tonight
I wanted to taste that victory but my mouth was dry

There is only tonight and the light that bleeds from your heart
Makes me want to try and start again” -Mineral from the Album Gloria.


Here’s another Houston band that blew up and for some reason got a bad rap, but I tell you what…the Feelings I got from this song are unexplainable..Lance…I think you may dig this one…BLUE OCTOBER with “HRSA“-..their live performances where spiritual experiences in and of themselves.


(album version)

This last one is for my Love Liquid Poet, from an artist who has became a friend to us…changed our lives and brought us together spiritually…. Kasson, of SymbionProject with beautiful vocals by Melissa Kaplan-

“Beyond Orion’s Arm


AND LIQUID POET AND I ARE THROWING THIS ONE IN FOR JEN, Hopefully giving her a laugh…and if you think about it…it is a spiritual song:) Thanks Jen.

“Anything Goes” by Cole Porter:







  1. Well I learned a lot about music today, new bands, new songs. (I love Anything Goes!!!)

    thank you for sharing all these songs with us.

      • Oh, I hope you like musicals. 😉 LOL

        But yes, maybe I’ll join in, it might be fun to share my very vanilla taste in music (I’ve been told I have awful taste in music by many music snobs..but I love music very much. Even if it is ordinary)

      • Um…I LOVE musicals…I have a funny snippet from the sound of music:) it will make you chuckle!
        Don’t listen to the snobs..as long as you like music…of any variety you’re golden…It’s the people that say they don’t like music that baffle me!


  2. And you did it again! I can’t believe the only one I know is Cole Porter! Thank you so much for this awesome post, it was so hard for me to make it happen and everyone came out in full force and pulled it off. Just brilliant! Thank you!!!

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