We miss you WordPress family…liquid poet and I were in a bad multiple car wreck…we are injured but alive…all the others people involved are ok….we miss writing. .and as soon as we figure things out a heal a little we will be back.

Funny how I miss writing and WordPress 1000 timed more than I miss my car.


15 responses to “M.I.A.

  1. What!! I was just wondering today what the heck happened to you two! You guys better heal up and get your rest, I’m glad everyone made it out alive, and hopefully you can tell the tale when you are better.

    • Thanks Suzanne …thankfully only major injuries we’re to hunks of steel…just some sore muscles bruises…brokan finger (who needs the pointer finger anyway:) right LP?)
      …ryan got a chemical peel courtesy of the airbag,,,that was pretty nasty….however we are all in one piece and truly missed you guys!

  2. So what was happening in the car when it wrecked cute thang? My buddy “Wrecked” his car too. She almost bit his dick off and they never found his boxers. Why or even how he drunkenly got his pants off while driving. Astounds me… Jesus I just figured out how. Damn my stick shift!!!!!!!!!!!!

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