JInkies! Jen wants us to stick each others hands in a bowl of eyeballs this week…sounds fun right?

Here’s her rundown:

“This week’s topic for our Halloween Mixtape is Scary songs. You may take full liberty with this topic my friends. Scary because of the content? The appearance of the performer? Or the song is just that darn bad. Maybe you have some definition I haven’t thought of yet. Get on it. I wanna know why those songs scare you!”

Perfect that TWISTED MIX TAPE #31 is the Halloween edition…she’s good like that (Click the link and Ill stick your hand in a bowl of eyeballs too!).  Also is you have yet to hop on over to her other outstanding creation RaisedOnTheRadio click that and do so…If you love music…any kind…don’t miss this site.

I’ll shut my mouth now like Neo in the matrix and get to it:


This has been one double hockey sticks of a scary week for Liquid Poet and I…so I’ll start  with something that is not only TERRIFYING but absolutely hilarious…going back to high school– I had a thing for this group called Negativland …I’ve only met 2 people who have ever heard of them but they are something that will make your jaw drop, scare the hair off of you and make you laugh until your ribs hurt….Here the are with “FAVORITE THINGS” lol enjoy:)

Jen posted an awesome mash-up from Glee…here is a mash-up by Ted Leo of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps” and “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson ….it’s crazy scary that he took a song I kind of dig with one I  despised and made a song I love.

This next one from Skinny Puppy scared me so bad at age 14 I smashed the vinyl to pieces (keep in mind I liked to drop a lot of acid back then) …There’s a sample of Christopher Walken from the movie Communion that evoked the scariest imagery my mind had seen….Here’s the song “Natures Revenge”:

Still Terrifying…jeez…

This next song is by a band whose members are some of my best friends…It’s strange when one of your favorite band is your best friends band….This song “Between Orchids and Collar Bones” (by The Manichean) scares me through powerful lyrics…fears of something good turning to dust…something we’ve all been through..something I will fight to with all my might to keep from happening again ( I love you Ryan)…it’s beautifully scary…Their song “Leopards” is truly horrifying…I’ll go ahead and post that as well if you feel like a listen.

…and Leopards:

…and finally (three song have been fighting for this one)

I’ll end on a comedic note…I wake up with this song in my head AT LEAST twice a week…I’m convinced it has subliminal messages:P….so incredibly scary…check it…you’ll see why and hopefully get a laugh:) and Tom Jones...I’M ON TO YOU!!!!


12 responses to “ARE YOU SCARED? : TWISTED MIX TAPE 31-Halloween Edition

  1. GIRL! yes, scary…all of it. But my favorite part, when you said “Jinksies” at the beginning. Now I’m giggling and can’t stop.

    and it still confuses me that ladies gave their panties to Mr Jones for all kinds of reasons, esp after a dance like that. LOL

  2. I’m recovering from a cold and the coughing fit I just had from laughing at the Tom Jones video almost made my eyeballs bleed. Completely awesome!

  3. OK so I was all over this list, listening to all of the songs. And then Tom Jones eclipsed every thought I was having! Man the ladies loved that man! What were they drinking? I need a cigarette. Dude he was clearly on something. Clearly.

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