Beauty In The Chaos-Erraticus-Erratic

The thoracic and right lymphatic ducts.

The thoracic and right lymphatic ducts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A lymphatic system in a state of chaos.

 Both ecstatic for her to start the new medication.

The few weeks of side effects well worth years of life  together.

Driving optimistically ...the universe became erratic…as is life’s nature.

A climactic crash.

Aquatic swirls.

Colored metals smashed together.


Red,Blue and Grey.

Shocked, bruised, bloodied with broken limbs.

They looked into each others souls..


There is beauty in the chaos.





Written for TheM3Blog and Flash-In-The-Pan



34 responses to “Beauty In The Chaos-Erraticus-Erratic

  1. I really think you’d fit in well with dVerse ( Some prompts are form poetry, some are thematic, but Tuesdays are “Open Link Nite” where you can submit any poem that you wish. Love to see you join up! This poem would be a wonderful addition. And by the way, how are you doing?

    • Thanks for the encouragement B….I’ve wanted to join dVerse for a while…but have been illogically nervous…I follow on twitter.
      I will join in…it will be nice to see you out and about (virtually). I’m doing well…healed up from the car wreck…started new HIV medication which is rough…but it is absolutely worth it.
      How are you? What’s your latitude/longitude…out of curiosity..:)
      mine is 29-95

      • that would put you about Houston, TX? I’m in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) 52.1333° N, 106.6833° W (at least, that’s what it says when I Google it!)

      • Yes sir, Houston it is…this would be a good Jeopardy category:)
        Wow…I went to school in Michigan and drove across the border every weekend…I still have a few looneys..I love Canada.

      • Well…if you ever find yourself in the Saskatoon area, let me know. It would be fun to meet a Trifecta friend! By the way, my internet access is still somewhat limited as our computer is still down. Hoping that I can get back to posting soon! (Thank goodness for the public library where I can at least get on occasionally!)

      • That would be a great adventure…I will be in New Jersey/New York in February …would love to buy you dinner 🙂
        Sending good vibes to your tower pings…selfishly, of course..:)

  2. Oh my heart raced as I imagined it, but I am just so glad you are okay.

    You are proof of a lasting, beautiful life and love. Both of you.

      • you will NEVER ever know what that means to me. You and Ryan are very special to me too.
        THANK YOU for liking me/loving me, it has kept me from crying and thinking myself worthless many times in the past few weeks.


      • We will ALWAYS be here for you .my heart became heavy when I pictured you sad or struggling..if you ever need anything…I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
        If you would ever like to talk non-wp style…feel free to e-mail or call. deserve happiness…and are SO far from being worthless. We love you Lady.

  3. oh i agree there is beauty in the chaos….having worked in counseling, i hear you on the medications and how they can affect…the side effects can be rough but…you def have to weigh it out….

    welcome to dverse….

    • Ryan broke his first (pointer) and middle (the bird) fingers…he had chemical burns on hs face because the airbag exploded …(the air bag is actually what broke his fingers…lol)
      I fractured my ankle that I broke and tore tendons in last year, (and had subsequent surgery to repair)…My foot was stuck under the engine…crazy and surreal.

      All people (10 total) involved were incredible lucky:)
      I have a rental until we buy a newbie..I want a subaru WRX!
      We have been working non-stop (hence little writing:( and this extremely long comment because i miss you:P)…we’re moving Dec 1st into a new house so there was already a little financial stress and now the car payment….it will all work out I’m sure…with all that has happened throughout my life one thing i have come to know well is as long as you don’t give up…it will work out.
      AND thank you for the compliment on my post…I love alliteration ..similar sounds…words flowing.

      • I’m an alliteration junkie, probably because of my name. It sounds like you guys got pretty banged up, and saw firsthand how violent those life-saving devices we call airbags can be. My dad’s seen one break a guy’s neck before.

        I will cross my fingers for luck for you and Ryan in the coming future. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 😀

      • LOL… know the alliteration was one of the first things about you that stuck in my head….we are healing up and able too write more .
        Unfortunately, I had a life threatening anaphylatic reaction to the new HIV medicine…so I am in the hospital…It’s pretty bad…but I am giving my all to get well…Ryan has been wonderful support…between him and people like yourself…I’m incredibly lucky to have a encouraging, dynamic community inspiring me to fight.
        Love you brother…hope you and your ladies are well.

      • Excellent! Ry and I should be house hunting now as we have to find a place we like by the end of 2013…I’ll probably be in the hospital until Friday…running out of time!
        hope you guys find a great house with a good price…more kids?
        Thank you..I’ve always believed a positive outlook speeds healing…but now it’s an obvious fact…It usually takes 3-4wks to recover from anaphylactic shock…with Ryan by me side I’m healing quickly..even the doctors are surprised.
        -cue Huey Lewis-
        “that’s the power of love::P
        I need to catch up on rob ross words!

      • Lol I’ve been holding lately, been using my writing time to work on the rough draft of my novel. This week it’s just been the daily haiku, so catching up will be easier on you. 🙂

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