Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Taphe looked paralyzed..

..or at least mentally deficient,

(Truths lay in opposites).

Her hypermnesic Mind

saw the

“Too Real”.

A vivid  unearthly feel. 

Was Kako physically present,

(Or an eidetic image)?

Imprinted energy.

Lingering memory.. 

Maybe they were right.

She was paralyzed.

…With Fear…

…of touching him…

…speaking his name aloud…

…of  looking into…

history’s ocean –

–  in his eyes.

Their history.


an unwritten book,

last stanza missing,

mystery unsolved.

 An intense fear of failure .

At least, she lived up to both their names.

Being buried alive

was heaven 

compared against


he was


Written For TheM3Blog and Flash-In-The-Pan

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