An Open Letter To A Saviour




Dearest Ryan ,

Without you my fingers, my heart, would not be writing this…..this love letter…(far beyond the meaning of the word love) stood guard watching, protecting, infusing my life with save me.

Showing calmness of mind and spirit while protecting my being.

I know.

I know how hard it was….how scary to see part of your soul on the verge of leaving this realm. I know sweetboy…although you fought back tears and remained strong and vigilant …I know it was fear at its highest meaning.

My heart felt the same…as I was not scared of death..but of leaving you..our lives so promising..our futures bright.

Something wanted to take me …it surely would have if it had not stared you face to face…heart to heart…will to will.

If anyone doubted before…the fact that I am typing these words will abolish any doubts held by any being.

Of course the doctors did their best…however, when my heart had reached out in question..”Is It Time”?…yours was there gently stating with reason ..”NO, IT IS NOT TIME”.

You may never know how grateful I am as words often fail the souls definition.

…But you saved me.

This is an absolute. Truth in Truths form.

My love for you has grown even stronger….something I thought impossible.

My will to stay HERE…by your side…protecting you as you did me…is the strongest element in the universe.

I see it in Blues eyes…I hear it in soft crys of our future son…and I feel it in the gentle breeze that is now caressing my cheek….the universe knows.

With everything I have..

I love you completely…

.for now..

..for ever..

..for always.

My Savior.

My Warrior.

My Heart.

My Love.


Eternally Yours….I love you PI much…

-d ..seablackwithink




4 responses to “An Open Letter To A Saviour

  1. My friends, beautiful couple. How my heart aches and breaks and then it smiles when i know that you are this world, because of one another.

    I believe in LOVE. Deep, abiding, would die for each other kind of love and this letter to your own beloved is nothing short of that.

    Writing this to your “Sweetboy” , (I call Gio and Jacob that…Sweetboy) and then sharing it with us, letting us inside that intimate and personal space in order to show him just how much his love means, how he saved you, is exquisite.

    THANK GOD, you are okay. My prayers were answered and my heart is smiling…and you, BOTH, are here.

    • Your words radiate such light, beauty and peace:)
      Thank you for sharing them!
      Are Gio and Jacob your sons? I imagine them to be insightful intelligent beautiful souls…as they have such an amazing mother and guide:)

      • HI LOVE.
        I have been thinking of you (and Ryan of course) so much this week. Your love is warming me all the way up here in the North.

        yes, Giovanni and Jacob are my 5 yr old twins. I shall send you some incredibly adorable pictures of them to make you SMILE.

        love you my friend. SO MUCH LOVE.

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