Genre Haiku Challenge: Science Fiction

Join in my friends short, sweet and super fun genre haiku challenge!

Rob's Surf Report

Okay, so here’s the deal: I want to lay down a challenge for anyone who’s got a mind to put down just a few words. I’ve been writing a haiku a day for a few months now, and I’ve discovered something interesting; for a short form of seventeen-ish syllables (depending on how you choose to write one) it acts a lot like real writing: sometimes it just comes to you complete, and sometimes I spend a couple hours finding one. It can take time to make one that makes me happy! And yesterday I wrote something that intrigued me: you see, a traditional haiku is about nature. But what if you write a haiku about something that isn’t nature? I’m sure that’s not a new thing, but you can start dropping these haiku into slots like checkers into a Connect 4™ grid in terms of their genre . . .

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