My blogging brother – Rob over at Robssurfreport aka GreatBigDragon has started a “Genre Haiku” Challenge…each month the Genre will change…please click Rob’s link^up there and join in…I have faith you can throw down seventeen Sci-Fi (this months genre) syllables:)

Here’s my go…this will be the second Haiku I’ve ever written…Thanks to Rob for the encouragement!




In one Universe

she sat reading –Bradbury

Without warning Flames


In one Universe

THEY lit the Forbidden Book 

Life died a bit more..


4 responses to “Double Feature:RSRGENREHAIKU CHALLENGE :Sci-Fi

  1. Very cool, a hot little number inspired by Mr. B’s F451. Thanks for the shout out and link-up, and keep your eyes peeled for December’s challenge, it’s going to be legen – wait for it –


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