mer·i·to·ri·ous : dVerse Open Link Night 125





A word from dVerse:

“Taking time to read and to add your own thoughts is an important part of what we try to encourage here at dVerse, and while it is true that there are some who seem to drop their links and run – especially on Open Link Night – there are many, many more who really do make an effort to visit with new folks and to make return visits to those who visit their blogs. To all of you – and you know who you are – I’d like to say a big

Thank You




we put forth to share

 wide with vulnerability

a personal dare..

To open up other eye’s


Exposed souls in written words.

What?I ask..

could be more despicably mean?

Than the “Hit and Run” poster..

Sharing their link…

With narcissistic pen.

No time to read others

brave words on a page.

Here, I’ll interject..

With some open advice…

Only a moment it takes…to welcome a Sage.

Reading the words

of other souls brave.

Inspires us all  in mysterious ways.

Instant at times..

at others unseen..

’til years down the line.

An inspirational spark

When  a moment we took 

others words We did read

circles like karma..

to the writer in need

the circle of written life

finds us complete.

We are all


Worthy of praise…

So take a second…

a moment in time..

to read another

 say “Thank You  for sharing“..

Through community caring..

A universe of Authors confident


by a family of gracious  bloggers

On” Thank You’s” we’ll build.





Written For Open Link Night

24 responses to “mer·i·to·ri·ous : dVerse Open Link Night 125

  1. ha. you nailed it…its like you wrote off the conversation we had at dverse on monday…it is in our communicating with each other that we create that kind of community…well put

  2. ah thanks for this… if i had a marker i would go and underline each and every word… there’s so much encouragement in reading and visiting others… people rob themselves if they don’t…

  3. Well put! Really hoping that I’ll have time to start posting some more poetry here soon, but in the meantime, it’s been enjoyable just reading. Your poem has wonderful content, and it flows beautifully too!

  4. Why is it do you think that gerse is more exposing than prose? A newbie, but hopefully not coming across as a hit and run, although I have to do it in stages.

    • I’m a newbie as well:)
      As far as it being more exposing…I guess when I write poetically it’s much more personal`and true to life.
      ..with prose you never know where or in whose heart the ideas live.
      Thanks for reading…I’ll have to drop by your site:)

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