One Little Girl

A beautiful tribute to a tragedy.

Bryan's Thoughts

This morning, at the church I attend, our pastor put a slide up on the power-point projector.  The slide simply contained 28 names, and the ages of the people who owned those names…names of the victims of the Newtown massacre.  Then he challenged each of us to pick one of the names on this list…and pray for that person’s family and friends.

When I first heard of this tragic event, my soul felt ripped open.  This morning, my soul felt ripped open once again as I picked the name of one little girl.  Now, this isn’t just a tragic event any more…I now have a name that I can bring before my God.  Since this morning, I was able to find a picture of this beautiful 6 year old child…and the tears came yet again.

I don’t know much about this little girl.  I know her name (out of respect…

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