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Lance, Leeroy and The 100 Word Song

100 Words Inspired by song…click ^ up there to join in! Also don’t forget to hop on over to RAISED ON THE RADIO and check out Lance,Jen and Linda’s wonderful creation….If you love music..it’s a must.

Here’s what Lance has to say :

“Welcome back from the Holidays. For those of you who are Americans or whatever that celebrated food gluttony and family moments, awkward and sweet, I hope you had a great week. Leeroy wanted an oil change and new batteries so we took the week off but come back with an excellent song choice from one of 100 word song’s finest writers, the dedicated and talented Melissa aka @realgirlmelissa http://melstepp01.wordpress.com/ . Like me, she has a continuing horror thriller type storyline that is a must read. Check her out.”

Thanks to Lance and Melissa for an awesome selection!

This song…so many memories…makes even the bad ones feel good…I’m honored to be inspired by Screaming Trees

– Dedicated to the memory of Layne Staley ((August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002) and Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 -April 5, 1994)






Did they hear our distant tears

Calling out names of our souls

Sight said “I’ve known you before”
Soul meeting Soul once again

Torn apart through seams of time
Eye’s blinded bitter tears as we burned

Fallen Angels from the wagon
Frenetic Faces watching over, planning return

We almost lost each other
Time hiding questions of where

Bets crying to find coordinates

Did you hear my distant cry ?

Calling your name to the air

You’re the one I knew before
Falling through Time once again….

Bringing us back to ourselves

I’ll never lose you
Sweetboy, I’ll never lose you dear


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