A Hearts Long Q-T

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“A Hearts Long Q-T”


You  … Waves

Gravity, light, sound

The one who saves

Your rhythmic soul found

A hearts Long Q-T

…extended parabola in wait..

For the savior ..

.. on waves of fate

Sound waves came clear

  light striking my eye

a hearts beat grew near

 Loves ocean  force

 Swan song at end

 My loves Tri-Force

.. in waves..


 Eternally saves.


For Liquid Poet



– 55 words for g and Sam at dVerse

22 responses to “A Hearts Long Q-T

  1. I love you Baby! That was really good. I think it’s right up there with your best. I’m not just saying that because it’s about us. As you were writing I was meditating and thinking of putting out positive energy in waves. When I walked Blue I filmed some of the lights reflecting on the waves of the lake. I’ll show you later. I love you. :*

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