Sun Building - 9 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham - s...

Sun Building – 9 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham – sun sculpture (Photo credit: ell brown)

Change is in the air…..my heart made to melt with a click of the mouse…the reason follows..like knowing you’ll only see your love once a week instead of two…Trifecta has been overwhelmed, (good and bad), knocking the challenge to once weekly. I guess all I can do is put in twice the effort to a once a week post:(…I’ll miss you on the weekends;)

On to the prompt…if you would like to join click HERE:

“On now to this week’s challenge, where the word is:

MELT (transitive verb)

Before I hopped over to Trifectas site I watched an episode of
 Jason Silva’s web series “Shots of Awe” which offered inspiration for my entry…before my words..check out his:



The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




by life’s trivial routine

he saw no beauty

in places once full of wonder.

Felt no warmth

as his world became shades of black, white and grey.

The Sun, once fiery yellow-orange, now resembled the snowball that was his heart.

A giant glacier in the sky freezing souls , squeezing life, stealing all beauty that the Earth once offered.

Sitting  atop his office building he debated…

Live in this hell that is a cubicle…or..


Fly Free.

“I’ve nothing to lose but sadness”.

Tetering on the ledge of the 33rd floor,

A sparkle caught his eye.

A tiny girl…across the way….warm breath blowing on a frosty window.

With her delicate finger she drew a heart.

Meeting his eyes she grinned knowingly.

His frozen soul began to Melt.

For the first time in decades,

Innocence and Beauty showed themselves.

As the Sun warmed his face,

he remembered his daughters warm loving embrace.




24 responses to “ZOOM OUT : MELT: TRIFECTA#107

  1. gorgeous

    I related to those last two lines so much. This was really strong and I love how you describe the sun in relation to melting his heart.

  2. “I’ve nothing to lose but sadness” – that is such a sad and desperate place. I hope the drawn heart and the memory of his daughter’s embrace is enough to coax him of the ledge (literally and figuratively.) Beautifully written!

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