Announcing a new category for everyone!!!

My husband has a great prompt idea…Please Join in!

Liquid Poet

Hello, my fellow wordpressers/bloggers.  First of allow me to announce that Didi(Seablackwithink), and I are now married. Awesome!!! She is the best person, lady, woman, lover, and wife in the world.  It is my extreme pleasure,honor, and privilege to have her as my wife. I told her about this new category I wanted to make and she thought it was a great idea. If she thinks it’s a great idea then I know it is. She’s my partner and creative compass. Letting me know if one of my creative endeavors is good or not. She is also my biggest motivator and supporter. So here I am announcing the new category for all who wish to participate.

Category Name:
“Let Me Tell You About…”

I will tell you about one of my favorite films, filmmakers(directors,writers,etc), books(authors, illustrators, etc ), musicians(albums, album art, songs, music videos), artist(painters,poets, etc) and of course…

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